Because there are too many good ideas that never make it.


We believe that great ideas come from everyday people that experience problems in their lives. We believe these people are the champions that will bring about change in the world and we want to be the technical team that helps them do it. We believe that helping people is the only way of doing business and helping people solve problems is what we do best.


The Ventrify Story


Taipei & Edmonton

Our founder, Kyle, went over to Taiwan to experience life and work across seas. He discovered a massive hub for electronics innovation in Taipei and a close connection to the plastics manufacturing capital of the world, Shenzhen.

Coming back to Edmonton, Kyle knew he had to act on it. He realized that even though we are more connected than ever in today’s digital age, there is a geographical and cultural detachment. The development and manufacturing benefits of working with Taiwan and China are clear, but there are also many challenges along the way. Ventrify was born to help overcome these challenges for innovators in Alberta.



Helping Innovators

Ventrify started by helping innovators bring consumer products to life. Working with entrepreneurs and innovators saw an amazing flow of original ideas. Some product ideas were geared towards sports, others furniture, while still others technology. These projects were all great, but once the Ventrify team had experience in a few niches, it was clear that the company was more excited about specific type of project - developing tools to automate repetitive tasks.



Helping Businesses

Ventrify started helping small and medium sized businesses. By doing so, we are able to reduce the menial, labour intensize, repetitive aspects of jobs. This increases company capacity, while decreasing costs, mistakes, and injuries. Most importantly, it frees people at a company to do what people do best: be creative, think, make decisions, and communicate.

We are excited to help you, our clients, solve your problems using today’s modern day technology.


The Executive Team


Kyle Handfield

Kyle’s story to come!


Riyaz Khair

Riyaz’s story to come!


Mitchell Pomphrey

Mitchell’s story to come!

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