From Ideation to Market



Many entrepreneurs and businesses come to us with visions of great consumer products. As a company, we believe that these products will make life easier for everybody, and for this reason we've made it our mission to bring them to life.



Conducting market studies prior to the design of a new product gives us confidence that the product will sell--and continue to sell.



We allocate our time and resources to ensure that no steps are skipped in the design of your product.



We use an adaptive, strategic approach to foreign manufacturing that protects your intellectual property and delivers high-quality goods.


Why Choose Ventrify?

Operations in both North America and Asia allow us to develop technologies around the clock and produce them at globally competitive rates.

Initial development takes place in Edmonton Canada--allowing easy communication between us and you--before the project is handed over to our industry-leading team of design experts in Asia.


Powerful Solutions in…


Health Products C.jpg

Health Products

Monitoring Equipment

Scanning Equipment

Hospital Smart Communication

Facility Devices

Portable Medical Equipment

Food & Dining C.jpg

Food & Dining

Smart Service Devices

Nutrition Apps

Digital Presentation Devices

Kitchen Waste Management

Education C (1).JPG


Mobile Learning Devices

Student Engagement Products

Teaching Tools & Resources

Eco Friendly Solutions

Task Management Devices & Software

Smart Communication Infrastructure

Sporting & Outdoors C (1).JPG

Sporting & Outdoors

Concussion Prevention Technology

Weatherproof Tech

Performance Monitoring Devices

Hiking Gear

GPS Locators and Trackers

Camping & Survival Solutions

Construction C (1).JPG


Mounting Technologies

Power Tools

Measurement Devices



Travel C (1).JPG



Device Chargers & batteries

Smart Adapters

Compatibility Devices

Smart Backpacks

Transformable Luggage