Optimization for Asian Mass Production



Enclosure Design

We utilize injection molding, CNC, and die-casting technology to design and manufacture top-quality product enclosures.



Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DFMA) involves optimizing electronic and mechanical prototype systems into cost-effective, manufacturable components.

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Assembly Optimization

We are constantly refining the way we do product design to make the assembly process as seamless as possible and bring down manufacturing costs.


Going Global



Detailed design is the stage where most of the design for manufacturing and assembly takes place; the quality of this design influences the per unit manufacturing cost, final assembly times, and lead times. DFMA turns working prototypes into fully scalable products.


Enclosure Design

Plastic injection molding is one of the worlds most popular and cost-effective methods of enclosure manufacturing.

Metal die-casted parts provide cost-effective parts and components with excellent strength and toughness properties compared to their plastic counterparts.

CNC'd enclosures offer strength, aesthetic beauty, and excellent tolerance.


Design for Manufacturing

Each product optimized by our mechanical team get's the benefit of best-in-class design standards and procedures.

Ventrify works only with trusted assemblers to construct products before they are sent to market.


Assembly Optimization

Implementing simplicity design principles lowers the amount issues that occur during manufacturing. Because issues are much more costly further into the process, saving us and you time and money.


Firmware & Software

Firmware is software that is permanently programmed into the hardware of an electronic system.

Software programming is primarily responsible for the usability and functionality of electronic device interfaces. It can be updated remotely from a web-based server.


Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards are a hyper-efficient, easy to replicate version of traditional electronic wiring.

Our electrical design team takes prototypical circuits and integrates them into a chip which is used for all manufactured iterations of the product.