Here’s how we do it:




We'll design your product from the ground up; including all electronics and software.



Working with suppliers and factories all over the world, we'll produce your product for globally competitive rates.



Once you're ready to sell, a new shipment of quality products will be a phone call away.


We’re here to build your vision.

Small & Large Businesses - We’ll manage small and large-scale development tasks for businesses of all types and sizes.

Startups - As a product design company, we help startups understand product development through the context of their industry.


The Leadership Team



Kyle Handfield

Managing Director

B.Sc, Mech. Eng.


Spencer Vandermeer

Early Stage Development

B.Sc, Mech. Eng.


Riyaz Khair

Implementation Manager

B.Sc, Mech. Eng.


"As a team, we aim to create a nurturing space for developing innovative ideas.

Our ultimate goal is to build powerful products 

that succeed in the market on their way to changing the world."


A Global Operation

Founded in Edmonton, we have a Canadian team that works in close communication with clients to manage projects from start to finish. This provides a distinct advantage over exclusively Asian based manufacturers.

In the same way, we tap into the Asian electronics market for world-class design and manufacturing expertise yielding a well rounded team that can handle any challenge thrown it's way.


You provide the idea, we’ll provide the expertise, tools, and process to make it happen.