Quality Control & Supply



Working with partners in Asia put us in an ideal location to take advantage of incredibly cost-effective and versatile Asian mass production. We have quality control individuals on the ground monitoring your manufactured products at every step in the process.

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Cost-Effective & Safe

One of the keys to safely manufacturing products in Asia is choosing factories that are experienced with similar products. We go through a strategic selection process to make sure we've got a good match.

Ventrify is committed to delivering well designed, high-quality manufactured products for globally-competitive prices.





Around the globe, products are required pass CE, CSA, FCC, CCC and various other certification tests to be marketed and sold; this is an absolutely vital step in the process. We design to these certifications throughout the entire development process of a new product.

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Factory Connection

We work with factories that will make your product a priority.

This is achieved by ensuring that your product accounts for a large enough portion of the factories cash flow to ensure that they have the proper incentive to serve us first.

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Intellectual Property

We take extra security measures to ensure your product is protected from theft.

Whether this means splitting up the component production between factories or designing components to be impossible to reverse engineer, your IP is our priority.

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Quality Control

We implement quality control for your product as it undergoes manufacturing on it's first order and for all future orders.

As your supplier, we take responsibility for the quality and function of your mass produced products.


Packaging Design

We design product packaging to fit with your brand. Your packaging is designed custom to ensure your customers are impressed as soon as they lay eyes on the product.

At Ventrify, we understand this is an important point of sales and work to ensure that expectations are exceeded.

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We test our products for adherence to Canadian and American electrical and mechanical standards.

FCC product certification is required for products to be marketed and sold in the United States.

CE product certification is required for products to be marketed and sold in the United States.